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  • GCSE & IGCSE  x 218 Video Lessons + 1500 Online Questions + Teacher assignment & assessment tools

    Key Stage 3 & A Level  x 300 Video Lessons

    Entry Level 1, 2 & 3, Levels 1 & 2 x 152 Video Lessons

    GCSE, Key Stage 3 & A Level CPD x 400 Video Lessons (KS3 is FREE!)

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We are giving away a free GCSE Maths DVDROM every week on our facebook page.  All you need to do is like our page and we will choose a winner every week.

The DVDROM contains the same video lessons as our online GCSE resource and costs £9.99 !  So tell your friends and students to visit our facebook page: and win a Free GCSE DVDROM in time for revision!

We have just launched our Stuck on homework Exam Results survey and the feedback so far has been extremely good:

82.4% of subscribers who had taken their GCSE Maths exam stated that Stuck on homework video lessons had improved their exam grade.

82.4% of those subscribers stated that Stuck on homework has guaranteed or improved their predicted exam result.

59% of those students improved their predicted results by between 1&3 grades including 3 students who moved from Grade C to A*.

100% of all parents and students who responded to our survey stated that they are likely to recommend Stuck on homework to others.

Which is very good news, especially as the same Video Lessons are part of our Stuck for Schools package!

DvdRoms of all the video lessons for re-sell through schools.

We have launched a new DvdRom that contains all our video lessons from Stuck for Schools that can be purchased and resold through schools.  

The DvdRom contains 218 Video Lesson that cover the entire GCSE & IGCSE curriculum and can be played on all computers including PC and Mac.  

We are offering a discounted price of £150 + VAT for 25 dvdroms that are presently being sold on Amazon and for £19.99.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer then please purchase here: or contact me on: for more information. 


Computer Science Video Lessons, BETT and the BBC

We have been busy shooting a set of CPD video lessons that support the new Computing and Computer Science KS 3 curriculum.  We are creating these with support from Hodder Education who will be showcasing them as part of their brand new Compute-IT resource at BETT.  Pop along to their stand for a demonstration.  

You will also find our video lessons on the BBC Worldwide Education stand who are our exclusive international distribution partners. 

Here are a couple of Computer Science Video links for give you a taster:

Under the Hood of a Computer:

Computer Art:

For more information please click here:

We have listened to your feedback about Stuck for Schools and have just released a new function - teachers and students can now have unlimited access to all our video lessons as part of your Dashboard.  

This is an optional extra and is perfect for Revision, school absences and for instant help with homework!  Please contact us for a Free Trial!

Stuck on homework was mentioned in the Telegraph on Saturday as Sir Terry Leahy lends his support to the 'Make Britain Count' campaign. Please read full article here:  Sir Terry Leahy: 'I was no great maths genius' 

Stuck Ltd, the company behind, and has become a Women in Business Awards 2012 finalist.  

'To be recognised at this early stage of our business is a real honour' Teresa Watts, Managing Director, Stuck Ltd.

Stuck for Schools are offering all schools and colleges who are interested in testing our new GCSE & IGCSE Maths resource, Maths Hub,30 day free trial. If you would like to join over 200 schools and test the site with a group of students then please contact us and we'll get you started asap at

If you are looking for an individual GCSE or IGCSE maths resource as a student or a parent then please try our site. provides all of our high quality video lessons and lots of interactive GCSE style questions that can be purchased as an individual subscription for as little as £7.50 per month (if you buy our annual subscription).  This site also offers a personal Dashboard area so that students can track their progress and manage their homework calendar.  Please take a tour of the resource by clicking here.

What do we get if we subscribe?

Stuck for Schools offers 218 Video Lessons and 1500+ GCSE exam style Practice questions that cover the entire GCSE & IGCSE curriculum.  

You are able to set assignments using the Video Lessons and our helpful Hints on every topic or you can set an assessment by restricting access to the Video Lessons and hints.  

You can set as many assignments with as many questions across as many topics and you want.  Once set, your students will receive an e-mail telling them they have an assignment with the completion date. 

You will receive their results as an assignment report which you can view and download by student or on a Grid which shows all assignment results by all students.

How simple is the site to use?

We have developed Stuck for Schools with teenagers and adults in mind so have made it extremely simple to use.  The functionality is very user friendly and there are instructions on all pages.  We are also updating the site regularly with suggestions from our users to make the site even better!

How much is it to subscribe?

We are offering a couple of deals at the moment as this is a new resource.  The annual license is £500 + VAT for all schools and colleges but as we are a new resource this figure is discounted to £250 + VAT for your first year subscription.   

We are also offering a deal which includes an annual license for our Video Files to use on your VLE.  Please contact us if you are interested in hearing more about that offer. 

Are there any restrictions on number of users?

There is a limit of 1000 students and 30 teachers per license.  If you have more students then please contact us and we'll discuss extending that limit.

When do we get access to the site if we subscribe?

We can give you access immediately on receipt of your purchase order number or payment.  

What about the DvdRoms?

We launched the DvdRom following suggestions from teachers, parents and students.  They contain the entire 218 GCSE & IGCSE Maths video lessons that are easily searched using a simple menu or search box. These lessons cover Pre, Foundation, Higher and IGCSE levels and are perfect to use when internet access is limited.  These DvdRoms play on all computers including Mac and PC.

We are offering schools and colleges a discount price of £150 + VAT for a box of 25 DvdRoms.  (They are being retailed at £19.99 each via Amazon and  If you would like to purchase a box of DvdRoms you can do so via or by e-mailing

General Information

We created Stuck for  after launching our Video Lesson based homework website,  

We had a lot of interest from teachers wanting to use our lessons in the classroom and as homework support for their students.  So we created an affordable version that allows schools to buy an annual subscription to give up to 1000 students and parents, unlimilted access to our video lessons.

Our teachers are all practicing Head of Maths and have been selected for their ability to engage the learner.  The content of the lessons has been created in association with Pearson Education UK and City & Guilds.

We are presently creating Computer Science Key Stage 3, Primary and Key Stage 4 in association with Hodder Education. More news on these video lessons coming soon.

If you would like to discuss any of our plans then please e-mail either or

Costs and Plans

We presently provide:

GCSE Maths - this resource provides 218 x Video Lessons plus and teacher Question and Answer assignment tool that allows teachers to set online Maths assignments which are answered, marked and reported online.

Key Stage 3 Maths - this plan provides 188 x Video Lessons only

A Level Maths - this plan provides 163 x Video Lessons only

Entry Level 1-3 and Levels 1 & 2 Maths - this plan provides 152 x Video Lessons only

Coming soon:

Maths CPD Teacher Tutorials - KS3, 4 & 5 - this plan provides 400 Teacher Tutorials.

Computer Science CPD Teacher Tutorials - KS3 Year 8 will be available from May 2014, with Year 9 completed by September 2014.  We will then cover KS4

The cost for an annual subscription for a UK School is £250 + VAT for the first plan and then £150 per plan thereafter.

For more detailed information on the content of these plans please see below:

Key Stage 3 Maths Video Lessons

Stuck for Schools Key Stage 3 provides 188 x Video Lessons and Test Yourself Quizzes that cover the following curriculum subjects:

Numbers - Multiples, Factors, Primes, LCF & HCF, Fractions, Percentages, Sig Fig & Rounding, Decimal Places, Accuracy, Simple & Compound Interest, Ratios, Standard Index Form, Squares, Cubes & Powers of, Negative Numbers, BIDMAS

Algebra - Simple Expressions, Basic, Multiplying, Expanding Single & Double Brackets, Powers & Indices, Factorising, Indices Laws, Number Patterns, Substitution, Formulae, Equations, Rearranging Formula, Converting hours to minutes and vice versa, Inequalities, Graphs, Simultaneous Equations.

Geometry - Polygons, Angles, Bearings, Reflections, Area, Perimeter, Circumference of a Circle, Conversions, Volume, Dimensions, Pythagoras Theorem, Converting Metric to Imperial vice versa, Symmetry, Congruency.

Data Handling - Probability, Line Graphs, Frequency Polygons, Pie Charts, Averages, Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Frequency & Grouped.

These lessons are taught by Rebecca Johnson who is presently Head of Maths at Colstons School, Bristol and were developed with Pearson Education UK.

Key Stage 4 - GCSE & IGCSE Maths

Key Stage 4 or GCSE & IGCSE provides 218 x Video Lessons and a Teacher Question and Answer assignment tool that covers the following Topics:

Numbers - General Number Work, Bidmas, Negative Numbers, Decimals, Percentages, Ratio and Proportion, Laws of indices, Standard Index Form, Fractions, Compound Measure, Surds, Multiples / Factors & Primes

Algebra - The Basics, Substitution, Fractions, Expanding Brackets, Factorising, Subject of a Formula, Completing the Square, Algebraic Variation, Simultaneous Equations, Solving Linear & Quadratic Equations, Inequalities, nth/General Term.

Geometry & Trigonometry - Parallel Line Angles, Circle Theorems, Constructions, Loci, Bearings, Trigonometry, Perimeter, Area, Volume, Angles, Pythagoras' Theorem, Coordinates, 3 Dimensions, Symmetry, Transformations, Scale Factor Enlargement, Vectors.

Graphs - Real Life Graphs, Straight Line Graphs, Quadratic Graphs, Exponential, Reciprocal & Cubic Graphs, Transformation of Graphs.

Data Handling - Probability, Averages, Representing Data, Spread, Definitions, Sampling.

IGCSE Supplements - Functions, Differentiation, Rates of Change, Sets, Venn Diagrams, Quadratic Inequalities.

These video lessons are taught by Rebecca Johnson who is a very experienced and successful Head of Maths from Colstons School in Bristol.  

All of our 218 x GCSE & IGCSE Video Lessons are also available on a Stuck on homework  2-disc DVDROM which is perfect if your students don't have regular internet access. These DVDROM's are available for schools to purchase at £6 each (minimum purchase x 25).  You can buy them here.

Key Stage 5 - A Level Maths

Key Stage 5 or A Level Maths provides 166 x Video Lessons covering C1, 2, 3 & 4, M1, S1 and D1: 

C1, C2, C3 & C4 - Algebra & Functions, Coordinate, Geometry, Graphs, Sequences & Series, Trigonometry, Vectors, Differentiation, Integration, Numerical Methods.

Mechanics 1 - Kinematics, Force as a Vector, Equilibrium/Statistics, Newton's Laws /Dynamics, Linear Momentum, Moments.

Statistics 1 - Representing Data, Probablility, Discrete Random Variables, Correlation & Regression, Normal Distribution.

Decision 1 - Algorithms, Graphs, Algorithms on Graphs, Route Inspection, Linear Programming, Travelling Salesment, Matchings.

These lessons are taught by Emma Johnson who teaches at Holycross Sixth Form College in Bury ( C1-4, S1 ), Ieuan Pearson who teaches at Bristol Cathedral School (M1) and Andy Thackray who teaches at Bristol Grammar School (S1).  

These lessons were created in association with Pearson Education UK.


Entry Level 1-3 Maths

Stuck for Schools Entry Level 1-3 provides 70 x video lessons that take you through the very basics of maths.  These video lessons have been produced in association with City and Guilds to ensure they meet the present curriculum and best practice.  They cover:

Numbers - Counting and Ordering, Adding, Subtracting, Multiplication, Estimating, Using a Calculator

Decimals and Fractions - Read, Write, Find and Compare 1/2 and 1/4, Read and Write Decimals, Read and Compare Fractions, Using a Calculator

Common Measures - Select, Add and Subtract money, Rounding and estimating money, Read and Record Time, Describe, Read and Interpret Distance, Estimate and Measure Length, Weight, Capacity and Temperature, Reading and Writing Dates, Reading Scales.

Shape and Space - Naming 2D & 3D shapes, Describing Positions, Properties of Shapes

Lists, Diagrams, Tables, Graphs - Finding information from Lists, Tables & Graphs, Sorting Objects, Constructing Diagrams, Collecting Information, Using Pictograms and Charts, Presenting information on a Table.

Level 1 & 2 Maths

Stuck for Schools Level 1 & 2 Maths provides 80 x Video Lessons that have been produced in association with City & Guilds to ensure they adhere to the pesent best practice.  They cover:

Numbers - Read, Write, Order Numbers, Understand Negatives, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide Numbers, Multiplication Facts, Number Relationships, Ratios, Proportions, Rounding and Estimating.

Fractions, Decimal & Percentages - Order and Compare Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, Fraction & Percentage Parts, Comparisons, Rouding, Using a Calculator.

Common Measures - Calculating with Money, Read and Record time, Read and Measure Distance and Measures, Add and Subtract Measures, Calculating Volume, Measures and Areas, Perimeter, Conversion Tables, Working with Formulae, Scale Drawings and Calculating Areas of Composite Shapes

Shape and Space - Lines of Symmetry

Data, Graphs, Charts and Measures - Extracting Data from Line Graphs, Organising and Presenting Data, Finding the Mean, Mode and Median & Range, Probability, Writing Numbers as a Fraction, Reading Line Graphs, Organising and Presenting Data on a Chart and Table.

Maths CPD Key Stage 3, 4 & 5 Teacher Tutorials

These CPD lessons have been developed with Pearson Education UK to offer Teachers options for approaching the following topics using Congrete, Pictorial, Abstract, Common Mistakes and Best Practice ideas:

Key Stage 3 (FREE to all schools): Surds, Debt, Interest, Modelling, Standard Form, Interval Errors, LCM & HCF, Nth Term, Nth Term of Quadratic Sequences, Graphs of Function, Rates of Change, Statiscal Analysis, Use of Variables, Negative Numbers and Calculations, Fractions and Decimals, Fractions, Ratio, Multiplying by 0/Multiplying and Dividing by 1, Prime Numbers, Multiplicative Reasoning, Column Calculations, Geometric Sequences, Long Division, Introduction to Formulae, Priority of Operations, Rounding, Representing 3D Objects in 2D.

Key Stage 4: Simultaneous Equations, Rearranging Formulae, Numbers, Indices, Upper and Lower Bounds, Factorising, Using Function Notation, Inverse Functions, Transforming Functions, Trigonometry, Sum of Arithmetic Series, Nth Term, Long term behaviour of sequences, Quadratics, Pre-Calculus, Ratio & Proportion, Probability, Brackets, Statistics, Pythagoras, Circles, Standard Form, Estimating, Constructions, Vectors, Venn Diagrams, Financial Maths.

Key Stage 5: Factor and Remainder Theorem, Polynomial Division, Binomial Series, Trigonometry, Iterative Methods, Parametric Equations & Curves, Vetors, Complex Numbers, Polar Co Ordinates, Proof by Induction, Forces on an Inclined Plane, Connected Bodies, Angular Motion, Collisions, Discrete Random Variables, Hypothesis Testing, Game Theory, Linear Programming, Matrices, Shortest Path Algorithms (Decision Maths), Binomial Distribution, Poisson & Normal Distribution, Variable Acceleration in Line.

These lessons are taught by Peter Mattock, Director of Maths, Business and ICT @ Nuneaton Academy and Ieuan Pearse, Head of Maths at Bristol Cathedral School.

If you'd like to sign up to access our Free Key Stage 3 then please e-mail or and they will set up your account.

Picture of Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca teaches Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

Rebecca comes from an educational family, her father was a University Lecturer and her mother was a Head of Mathematics and Deputy Head. Her Grandparents were teachers too. Rebecca Johnson gained her mathematics degree (Hons) from Surrey University. Initially she did not have any ambitions to teach, however, after helping out a local school when they could not find a suitably qualified supply teacher to cover sick leave, she discovered her vocation.

After qualifying as a teacher she began her career in Bath where she taught mathematics from year 7 through to GCSE and A’level. She also took real pleasure visiting the junior school where she enjoyed teaching Year 6. During this time, Rebecca took on the role of assistant Housemistress, where she cared for boarding pupils aged 7 to 18.

In 2004 Rebecca joined the staff of Colston’s School, Bristol. In 2008 she became Head of Mathematics, leading a highly experienced and dedicated team of maths teachers.

Picture of Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson

Emma teaches A Level C1-4 plus M1.

Emma achieved a degree in Structural Engineering and Architecture at University of Manchester which she followed with a PGCE in Mathematics.

 Emma is Senior Tutor at Holy Cross 6th Form College in Bury and teaches A Level Maths.  The College’s A Level results have placed it in the top 10 6th Form colleges nationally for the last 8 successive years.   Emma also marks C1 & C2 for an exam board.

Emma previously worked as a Maths teacher and acting Head of Maths at several Secondary High Schools before joining Holy Cross in 2006.

Picture of Ieuan Pearse

Ieuan Pearse

Ieuan teaches A Level D1, Entry Levels 1-3 and Key Stage 4 CPD.

Ieuan graduated from Exeter university with a BSC in Mathematics with Economics. His first teaching role was at Brislington Enterprise College in Bristol as an NQT.  Ieuan was then head hunted by Bristol Cathedral Choir School, which specialises in Music and Mathematics to teach A Level Maths. 

In 2012 his Maths department was judged to be Outstanding in all Areas by Ofsted and Ieuan stepped up to be Head of Maths across the full curriculum.

Picture of Peter Mattock

Peter Mattock

Peter teaches Key Stage 3 and A Level CPD.

Peter gained a Bachelor of Science (BSc), Mathematics from The University of Reading before taking his PGCE in at Leicester.  Peter taught Maths across all groups at Fitzharrys School before progressing to 2nd in Department. 

He then joined The Oxford Spires Academy at Head of Maths and taught Key Stage 3 through to A Level. During this time Peter became a mentor to PGCE students and the Professional Tutor in charge of Teacher Training. 

Peter is now Director of Learning for Maths, Business and ICT at The Nuneaton Academy. 

Picture of Nadia Greaves

Nadia Greaves

Nadia teaches Levels 1 & 2

Nadia took her 1st Class Mathematics degree and her PGCE at the University of Nottingham.  She joined Prudhoe Community High School as a Mathematics teacher covering all curriculum levels.  During that time, Prudhoe achieved a 100% Maths pass rate in the 6th Form.

Nadia then joined Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy at a Deputy Subject Leader of Mathematics in 2012.

 Nadia also works as a volunteer supporting students making the transition between school and working life.  She helps students to improve their maths in order to join apprenticeship schemes.